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The Pass Plus Course

Insurance is very expensive when you first pass your driving test and many insurance companies are offer discounts (can be hundreds of pounds) if you take part in Pass Plus

The DVSA introduced the Pass Plus scheme as many accidents involve 'new drivers' and by taking part in this course you will show that you want to develop the attitudes and skills that are essential for 'safe driving for life' hence qualifying for insurance discounts.

 There is no test at the end of the course. You just need to reach an acceptable level in each of the six modules:-
1) Introduction/Town Driving
2) All Weather Driving
3) Out of Town Driving/Rural Roads
4) Night Driving
5) Dual Carriageways
6) Motorways

You can either do the complete course in one day or it can be split over two days (which don't have to be consecutive)

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