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Intensive Course information & prices

Prices are correct as from the 1st April 2018
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10 Hour Refresher/Re-Test Course – Failed your test recently? This course would
normally be taken over 3 days to work on the subjects you failed on and to
boost your confidence to pass your test on the final day. (or, maybe u can
already drive but just need to learn how to pass the test!!) Manual £280, Auto£300 *

20 Hour Intensive Course – If you already have the basics of driving, but
need more experience and understanding of the roads and what is required,
then this course would be suitable for you. Manual £560, Auto £600 *

25 Hour Intensive Course – Again you would need to know basics of
controlling a car but maybe you only have limited experience on the road.
Just a few extra hours can help to build that confidence and experience
required. Manual £700, Auto £750*

30 Hour Intensive Course – Maybe you have only driven off road so you know
the controls but not how to deal with the roads? Then this course could be
suitable for you. Manual £840, Auto £900 *

40 Hour Intensive Course – If you have never driven before then this is the
best course to take. This gives you plenty of time, to not only learn how
to drive, but also how to control a car and to build the experience and
confidence required to be a safe driver. Manual £1120, Auto £1200 *

* Test fees are not included in the course prices. Theory test £23 and
practical test £62.

If you would like any advice on which course would suit you best, then please call or email us.

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