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Practical Taxi Test

Some local authorities require taxi drivers to take a driving standards test. The test standard is set at a level suitable for full driving licence holders, which is higher than the learner driver test. Caroline's Driving School conducts tests on behalf of some of these local authorities.

The test includes an eyesight test, approximately 40 minutes of driving using various road and traffic conditions. You will be asked to complete a Taxi Manoeuvre and maybe an Emergency Stop.

The Test costs £75 payable on booking.

If you wish to book your test please : -
email or

Use the link below to send your payment of £75.

For the test to take place you must;

  • Bring your photocard driver’s licence with you; this must be presented before the test.
  • Your licence should be at your current address and in date.
  • If you have the older style paper licence then you will need to bring an appropriate form of photo identification, such as a passport, and your paper licence.
  • Eyesight must conform to current legislation (20m / 68ft) so if you require glasses /contact lenses then bring these with you. If you can not read a number plate at the required distance, your test will not go ahead and you will not be refunded your test fee.
  • The test can be conducted in your own car or we can supply you with an appropriate vehicle at an additional fee.
  • If you use your own vehicle it must be in a roadworthy condition and comply with current road legislation i.e. taxed, insured, and be fit for purpose.
  • Please be punctual, if you are later than 5 minutes the test may be cancelled at the discretion of the assessor and you will still be charged.
We recommend that you take some driver training with an approved driving instructor prior to attending the assessment. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange this on your behalf.

Please allow 1 hour for the assessment. You will be asked to drive independently of directions for a 10 minute period following road signs and directions. There will be a full debrief at the end of the test at which point you will be given the result and feedback.

A maximum of 9 driving faults are allowed. If you exceed 9 driving faults or commit a serious or dangerous fault, this will result in a failure.

Please note that if you take your assessment in an automatic you will not be licenced by your authority to drive a manual vehicle. 

You may cancel or change the appointment date up to 3 working days prior to the test without incurring costs, after which you will not receive a refund and rebooking will attract the full fee.


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