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We recommend a 2 hour initial assessment for £80 (or 3 hours if there are 2 off you) - This assessment helps to ensure you do the best course for you and gives you, your best chance for passing first time!

2 day course £320 - suitable if you have a reasonable amount of experience towing and a high standard of driving already, (driving test on the 2nd day)

3 day course £480 - suitable if you have a limited or no experience of towing - (driving test on 3rd day)

If you and a friend do the course together, then the 2 day course is £240 each or the 3 day course is £360 each

The test fee of £115 is not included in the training fees above.

Each day is 4 hours training (on the last day approximately 2 hours training and then the use of our vehicle for the test). Our training yard for the uncoupling/recoupling and reversing practice is in Kings Lynn, so that is where you would need to come and meet us for the training.

The test is taken in Peterborough which is where we will take you for your driver training.

The driving test is approximately 1 hour plus another 15 minutes for the reversing exercise and uncoupling/recoupling. There are also vehicle and trailer safety questions.

Please note if you are going to be towing for commercial purposes you may need a tachograph

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